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Free Nursing Cover ($40 Regular) Just Pay Shipping


Note: This offer is still available.

Hi mommies, here’s a cool deal for anyone nursing a baby. You can grab a Free Nursing cover using promo code FREECOVER4MOM at UdderCovers.comThis nursing cover is worth $40. Just pay shipping of $11.95. I believe this one’s a great deal, since an equivalent high end nursing cover are worth over $30 on amazon and the prints and details are not as cute.

Click here to see their modern and classy designs.  They also offer optional embroidery for a just minimal amount. Browse around to check their latest designs, which you may like.

If you are not familiar with a nursing cover, it is used for breast feeding your baby in public places like if you are in restaurants or malls and you need a coverup for privacy. I had one of these when I was nursing my baby and it’s really a necessity for nursing moms. One good tip in purchasing these is getting one with an attached wire at the neck opening, so you can check your baby easily and you don’t have to hold the opening with your free hand. Anyway, now you can have one for free by just covering the $11.95 shipping. Don’t forget to use promo code FREECOVER4MOM

Here’s how to get your Udder Cover:

  • Click here to go to UdderCover.com
  • Click “Shop Now”
  • Add an Udder Cover to your shopping cart
  • Enter promo code: FREECOVER4MOM
  • Check out or add more to your cart
  • (Please take note that if you choose to have embroidery (optional), it will add $6.95 to the final price.)

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Free TransUnion Credit Score & Free Credit Report


Credit Concierge is a popular website that provides Free Credit Score as well as Free Credit Report. I have tried it and it’s really Free. No Trials and they didn’t ask me for Credit Card Number and for sure, they won’t ask for Credit Card information too. If you have a copy of your credit report and credit score, you will be able to actively manage the status of your credit. You will receive a TransUnion Credit Report. Get your Free Copy of Credit Score and Report here.

The Credit Concierge has received a A+ rate from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This only means that they trustworthy and is safe.

Similar to this freebie is Credit Sesame. If you want to get Free TransUnion Credit Score, then go check Credit Concierge, but if you want have a Free Experian credit score, request a free copy from Credit Sesame. You might want to get both.

Free Alaska Travel Guide Picture Book


Grab the Amazing Photo Book from the Coolest State of America.  The Spectacular Alaska State Travel Guide Picture Book.

For those who missed this, you can now request a copy of your FREE Alaska State Travel Guide. The Picture book has many inspiring pictures of the Alaskan frontier. I received my copy last week, I placed it on my office table and we keep looking through it.  To get your copy, you only need to answer the survey questions and provide your address where you wish to mail the guide. It will only take you a minute to finish the survey.

Click here to request for the Free Travel Guide.